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A Research-Proven Approach for your Reading Curriculum

Student needs drive the design of Lexia’s flexible learning environment.  All operational elements – staffing plans, space utilisation and time allocation – respond and adapt to support students in achieving their goals.

    The Lexia Reading system comprises personalised online student learning, real-time performance data for teachers, and supplementary offline resources that provide opportunities for independent offline skills practice as well as teacher-led instruction.

    Lexia’s methodology for developing foundational reading skills is not just research-based...   It is Research-Proven.

    With seven peer-reviewed, published studies in scientific reading journals, Lexia’s level of efficacy research is unparalleled in the industry.  Built on 30 years of education research, each of the age-appropriate, skill-specific activities conforms to the most rigorous standards.  

    Teachers can assign one of two online programs to each individual student - Lexia Reading Core5 or Lexia Strategies.
    Lexia Reading Core5Lexia Strategies

    Core5 is the default Year 1 through 6 program with 18 levels that cover all six areas of reading instruction.  Modern interactive graphics, advanced scaffolding and explicit instruction are rapidly making Core5 the preferred Lexia interface even in High School and adult reading remediation settings.
    Strategies provides an alternative program   option with 5 program levels, in a more mature interface, that concentrate on foundational reading skills.  Strategies helps students who already have strong age appropriate oral comprehension and vocabulary to improve these essential reading skills.
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