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Lucid Recall - Efficient Assessment of working memory
For Ages 7-16

Swiftly identifies children who require classroom intervention strategies to enable them to learn
Lucid Recall assesses the fundamental working memory functions identified by leading international researchers including Professor Alan Baddeley
  • Phonological loop – assessed by a word recall test
  • Visuo-spatial sketchpad – assessed by a pattern recall test
  • Central executive function – assessed by a counting recall test

The program also measures the speed and efficiency of working memory (Processing speed).

Avoid academic failure
Are you confident your teaching strategies are right for all your students?

Lucid Recall helps to identify children who need modifications to the learning experience to enable them to cope in the classroom and achieve their potential. The Lucid Recall Manual contains advice and case studies showing how to use the results to identify and support children who have various types of working memory difficulty.

"Poor working memory places a child at a high risk of slow rates of academic progress, with four out of five children achieving unusually low scores in measures of literacy and numeracy…(who) are unable to cope with the working memory demands of many classroom activities. For these children we recommend an intervention that is designed to minimise task failures due to excessive working memory load." [Professor Sue Gathercole and Dr Tracy Packiam Alloway Working Memory and Learning. Sage, 2008, pp. 53 & 90]

Designed especially for the conscientious but busy teacher!
Easy to use – Lucid Recall is fully automated, requires minimal supervision and needs no input from the teacher.

Time saving – Lucid Recall takes only 20–30 minutes and provides instant results.
Immediate results enable instant evaluation of how each student's working memory compares with expected levels for their age, based on based on national standardised norms for ages 7:0 to 16:11.

  • Standard scores
  • Confidence intervals
  • Centile scores
  • Age equivalents (down to age 5:0)
  • Memory span
  • Average time

Cost-efficient – Lucid Recall is very competitively priced and saves a great deal of teacher time.

Standardised and scientifically validated
  • Designed and developed by expert memory researcher Dr Helen St Clair-Thompson of the University of Hull and extensively tested in schools.
  • National standardisation using over 1,000 students.
  • Validated against accepted tests for working memory as well as measures of students' school attainment. Lucid Recall gives significant prediction of performance in national curriculum levels in reading, writing and mathematics, and distinguishes SEN from non-SEN children to a statistically significant level.

Educationally beneficial – With Lucid Recall available to assess students, teachers can swiftly and easily identify those that need a different approach. Gain peace of mind and reduce those nagging worries 'Am I getting it right?'

Lucid Recall system requirements:
Available as single Standalone or School Network installations
Standalone software runs on multimedia PCs running Windows® XP, Vista, 7 or 8
Network software runs on Windows® Server 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7 or 8

Microsoft SQL server® is required as database engine.
If you don't have a full edition of SQL Server we recommend you obtain Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2 SP2 – Express Edition which is freely downloadable from Microsoft®
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