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We provide personalised internet or onsite Teacher and Paraprofessional Training.

Training is completely customisable to suit your needs and can include optimisation of Lucid test data gathering to support SAC applications.

Phone 03 5280094 or email to make a booking or discuss your requirements.

Examples of training options that may suit your needs are (but not limited to) the following:

Personalised One to One Internet Training:
  • Interactive live web training directly to your computer.
  • Tailored to your need and responses (Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced user options all available)
  • Q & A time
  • Internet connection required

Cost (2020 pricing) : $150 plus GST for up to 60 minute Zoom Meeting session for an individual or team.

Where/When : Directly to your computer at a time that suits you (booking required). Please contact us to discuss.

On site PD 3 hours:
Training can be tailored to suit your needs. Below are a few highly recommended options.  Call us to discuss other options.
  • Introduction to Screening and Assessment Tools
  • Lucid LASS (Basic/Advanced)
  • Lucid COPs (Basic/Advanced)
  • Lucid and SAC - Introductory
  • Ability and Exact for SAC
  • Remediation Tools - Assessment analysis and remediation recommendations

Costs - excl GST (2020 pricing) :
  • Up to 4 staff: $350-$495 (for 1 to 3 hours)
  • Group of 5–12: $90pp + $150 booking fee (for 3 hours)
Plus travel and related expenses for all on site PD; depending on other bookings in your area at the time.
Please note that travel costs and restrictions are currently escalating due to Covid-19 pandemic
Where/When: We will try to accommodate your needs. Please contact us to discuss.

Your Personalised Training Goals:
Some goals for your personalised training package may include some of the following (as time permits). Please discuss your needs when you call to book:

Entry Level Training -
  • Develop an understanding of Lucid Software programs e.g. Rapid, Exact, Lass, Cops, Ability, Recall and Viss and the data you can obtain from these programs.
  • Develop best practises in the use of the programs for reading assessment, cognitive profiling, dyslexia screening and gathering data for SAC applications.
  • Ability to setup a student, run an assessment and view results.
  • Have an awareness of accommodations and interventions that can be implemented in response to the Lucid reports.

Advanced User Training -
  • Understand the cognitive factors being assessed and how they impact on learning.
  • To be able to optimise testing procedures with an eye on SAC and Dyslexia.
  • Systematic analysis of Lass and Cops profiles – identify what we can work with, and what we need to work on.
  • Determine effective remediation pathways.

School Staff Onsite PD Requirements :
  • School provides room and morning/afternoon tea if desired.
  • Use of a projector and screen are required.
  • Use of an onsite internet connection is very helpful to ensure smooth delivery.
  • Upon Booking Acceptance the Travel/Booking Confirmation Fee becomes due. This is non-refundable for cancellation.

You can also access product manuals, case studies, sample reports, FAQ's etc. Please click on a link below to visit these pages:
Cops (GL Ready Online Platform)
Exact (Testwise Online Platform)
LASS 8-11 years (GL Ready Online Platform)
Rapid (GL Ready Online Platform)


Online Programs: Exact, Rapid, CoPS, and LASS 8-11 years are now provided in flexible web-based platforms.

Important Note for CD renewals: All new Lucid CD based install licences need the latest versions of the software otherwise the serial number will not be accepted.

Testwise Online System Requirements : Exact Online
Exact is now in web format accessible via a 'Testwise' admin account.  
A reliable internet connection is required for both program administration and student test sittings.
Click here to check your system is configured for the tests
Click here for further Technical and Support Documentation

GL Ready System Requirements : CoPS, LASS 8-11 years, and Rapid Online
CoPS, LASS 8-11 years, and Rapid are now in web format accessible via a 'GL Ready' admin account.  
A reliable internet connection is required for both program administration and student test sittings.

Click here for the GL Ready minimum system requirements.
A Diagnostic Tool to check the student side of the program is available from and  Click on 'Check now' button and you will be taken to the Diagnostic Tool start page.

Windows CD Install System Requirements
Other classic Lucid programs are still available for DVD install on a local Windows OS or Network.
  • Stand alone software runs on multimedia PCs running Windows® XP, Vista, Windows® 7, 8 or 10 (a CD drive is required)
  • Network software runs on Windows® Server 2003, 2008, XP, Vista and Windows® 7, 8 or 10 (Network Specifications PDF)
  • Microsoft SQL server® is required as database engine, though 2005 Express Edition is supplied free on the CD. 64 bit versions of Windows® and SQL server supported
  • LADS Plus Patch to fix Date of Birth range: (Select either the Network/Standalone Edition Patch to match your current installation.)
User and Installation Manuals
Download pdf manuals using the links below.  CD install programs also have copies accessible from the CD.

Lucid Ability Administrators Manual
GL Ready CoPS Online Manual
GL Ready LASS 8-11 Online Manual
Lucid Lass 11-15 Teachers Manual
Lucid Lads Plus Administrators Manual
GL Ready Rapid Online Manual
Lucid Recall Administrators Manual

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