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Whether to expediate getting underway, learn to implement assessments well, or to upskill, we recommend our personalised, just-in-time, online PD via Zoom Meeting.

Using any new approach inevitably involves some learning. Your teams specific PD needs will depend on the test type being implemented as well as each individual teacher’s experience, confidence and degree of familiarity with the interpretation of the test results presented. Our training is completely customisable to suit your needs and can include optimisation of GL Education assessment tool test data gathering to support SAC applications.

In the current Covid regulated world training is provided online due to unpredictable travel costs and restrictions and school staff availability.

Phone 03 5280094 or email to discuss your requirements or choose your date/time to book via our online calendar booking system.
Online Zoom Meeting PD Conditions:
  • Interactive live web training directly to your computer.
  • Tailored to your need and responses (Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced user options all available)
  • Q & A time
  • Internet connection to computer screen, audio out/headset, and microphone required
  • $250 plus GST for up to 60 minute Zoom Meeting session for up to 4 attendees. $395+gst for a group of 5-10.

"John's webinar was perfect for our team and provided us with some great learning on how to read these results, decide on next steps and follow up on areas that may need further investigation.  His delivery was gauged at a level that was easy to understand and related to our area of need which is assessing those students who may be eligible for Special Assessment Conditions.  We would highly recommend John for any professional development relating to Lucid software/GL Assessments."
Michelle Brown - Learning Support Coordinator (Kavanagh College, Dunedin)

On site PD 3 hours (note most training given online at this time - see above):

    • $1800+gst for up to half day (usually 3 hours of training with a tea break in the middle) + $800 for full day.
    • Maximum group sizes will apply depending on topic to ensure all attendees benefit.  Rule of thumb about 10-12 per session works well.
    • Booker to provide venue, internet connection, projector, screen, audio system, and also staff refreshments (if desired).
    • 4 weeks booking notice including payment of a non-refundable 50% deposit required to allow us to make appropriate preparations and travel bookings .
    • We appreciate that unavoidable things happen, especially in todays covid environment and we will try to accommodate a change of date if sufficient notice is provided. This may incur fees for flight changes etc if applicable.

    Training can be tailored to suit your needs. Below are a few commonly requested options.  Call us to discuss other options.
    • Introduction to Screening and Assessment Tools
    • LASS (Basic/Advanced)
    • COPs (Basic/Advanced)
    • Exact for SAC (Basic/Advanced)
    • Remediation Tools - Assessment analysis and remediation recommendations

    Your Personalised Training Goals:

    Some goals for your personalised training package may include some of the following (as time permits). Please discuss your needs when you call to book:

    Entry Level Training -
    • Develop an understanding of GL Education assessment tools e.g. Rapid, Exact, LASS, CoPS, and Recall and the data you can obtain from these programs.
    • Develop best practises in the use of the programs for reading assessment, cognitive profiling, dyslexia screening and gathering data for SAC applications.
    • Ability to setup a student, run an assessment and view results.
    • Have an awareness of accommodations and interventions that can be implemented in response to the assessment data reports.

    Advanced User Training -
    • Understand the cognitive factors being assessed and how they impact on learning.
    • To be able to optimise testing procedures with an eye on SAC and Dyslexia.
    • Systematic analysis of LASS and CoPS profiles – identify what we can work with, and what we need to work on.
    • Determine effective remediation pathways.


    Online Programs: Exact, Rapid, CoPS, and LASS 8-11 years are now provided in flexible web-based platforms.


    Online admin platform for multiple tests including Exact, CAT4, PASS, Dyslexia/Dyscalculia Screeners, NGRT/NGST, and the PTE Series.

    GL Ready : CoPS, LASS 8-11 years, and Rapid

    A Diagnostic Tool to check the student side of the program is available from and
    Click on 'Check now' button and you will be taken to the Diagnostic Tool start page.

    Windows OS: LASS 11-15, LADS Plus, and Recall (January 2021 onwards)
    A current serial number issued after January 2021 is required.
    Download the program using links below, and install using your serial number from purchase.  
    These links also provide access to more support guides and information.

    Links above include options for either standalone and network installations.  Use download install version that matches the licence purchased or your licence key will not work.
    Local install software runs on multimedia PCs running Windows® XP, Vista, Windows® 7, 8 or 10.  
    Network version installs run on Windows® Server 2003, 2008, XP, Vista and Windows® 7, 8 or 10 (Network Specifications PDF).  

    - Recall requires online activation as part of the install process.  Please ensure you are connected to the internet at time of installation, and that you only attempt installation on the device you have designated to run the program as moving to a different computer is not instant, with licence deactivation required first.  ie. don't attempt an initial test install on a different device.
    - LADS Plus Patch to fix Date of Birth range: (Select either the Network/Standalone Edition Patch to match your current installation.)
    - If you have a December 2020 or older version of the program installed with an active licence, you can continue to use this until your licence expires.  After expiry you will need to uninstall the application and install this new version from the download.

    Installation of Microsoft SQL server®

    • SQL Server Express 2014
    LASS 11-15, LADS and Recall require a version of SQL Server to be installed. SQL Server 2014 Express with Tools is the most widely supported version for both modern and legacy operating systems. Download from the link below. If you are running a 64BIT operating system on the host machine “ExpressAdv 64BIT\SQLEXPRADV_x64_ENU.exe” is advised.

    • SQL Installation Guide
    Step-by-step instructions for installing SQL Server 2014 and earlier.
    • SQL Server Management Studio
    To help with the configuration of SQL Server and the management of the Lucid database, it is advised that you download and install SQL Server Management Studio if it is not already installed.

    • SQL Server Connection Settings and Troubleshooting
    For connection settings specific to our products and Firewall port settings, please find the guide below, this will also help if analysing any local connection issues.

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