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New Zealand Schools are eligible to apply for a free 10 week trial of the Reading Plus program.
(If you are not in New Zealand please contact your local Reading Plus representative.)

Trials are completely free with unlimited program access for your school:
  • Unlimited student access for all students (min 10 students to trial)
  • Teacher dashboard access to detailed reporting for all staff
  • Printable offline learning materials
  • Staff PD via Zoom
  • Printable Teacher Guides
  • Real people to contact via phone or email when you need help
  • Smooth transition to a licensed account following trial without losing any student data, even if there is a delay before you can order.

Book a 'Free Consultation' Zoom meeting with us to learn more about the program and/or initiate a trial. We look forward to meeting you and any other staff/leadership you want to invite along.
This meeting is required prior to trials being approved, however there no obligation to trial or purchase following the meeting.  Book and have a chat with us.

After our meeting, we will email you a trial application form that you can complete if you want to proceed to trial.

  • One member of staff will need to be nominated as the trial administrator and will be our primary point of contact throughout the trial.
  • Three PLD sessions must be attended, the first one being before students start using the program (free Zoom Meeting).
  • The trial can include as many classes/staff as required.

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